domingo, 19 de agosto de 2018

The will. It is not difficult to do anything when one is inspired by the clear perception of a duty. But what is hard is that when one is suffering this clear perception vanishes, and all that remains is awareness of a suffering which it is impossible to bear.
But the converse is also true: at the moment of taking the decision, the duty is present and the suffering is still far away. The will could not triumph if it had not fight against forces stronger than itself. The whole art of willing consists in taking advantage of the moment before the struggle begins to contrive in advance that one’s objective situation at the moment when one is weak shall be as one desires it to be…
The will’s only weapon is that it is able, in so far as it consists of thought, to embrace the different moments of time, whereas the body is limited to the present. Therefore, in short, it is simply a matter of withholding the assistance of thought from the passions.
It is not a question of “making resolutions” but of trying one’s hands in advance.
One must develop a habit. Training.
Distinguish between the things I can put off, and those [I cannot].
Begin the training with small things, those for which inspiration is useless…
Every day, do 2 or 3 things of no interest at some definitely appointed time.
Reach the point where punctuality is automatic and effortless. — Lack of flexibility of imagination. An obstacle to be methodically overcome. The second screen between reality and yourself. Much more difficult. What is needed is something quite different from a methodical training… But precious.
Two internal obstacles to be overcome
—Cowardice before the flight of time (mania for putting things off — idleness…)
Illusion that time, of itself, will bring me courage and energy…. In fact, it is usually the contrary (sleepiness). Say to yourself: And suppose I should remain always what I am at this moment? … Never put something off indefinitely, but only to a definitely fixed time. Try to do this even when it is impossible (headaches…). Exercises: decide to do something, no matter what, and do it exactly at a certain time.
You live in a dream. You are waiting to begin to live….
List of temptations (to be read every morning)
Temptation of idleness (by far the strongest)
Never surrender to the flow of time. Never put off what you have decided to do.
Temptation of the inner life
Deal only with those difficulties which actually confront you. Allow yourself only those feelings which are actually called upon for effective use or else are required by thought for the sake of inspiration. Cut away ruthlessly everything that is imaginary in your feelings.
Temptation of self-immolation
Subordinate to external affairs and people everything that is subjective, but never the subject itself — i.e. your judgement. Never promise and never give to another more than you would demand from yourself if you were he.
Temptation to dominate
Temptation of perversity
Never react to an evil in such a way as to augment it.

terça-feira, 10 de julho de 2018

Elle vivait, en qualité de second moi, sa vie particulière, dont l'existence se manifestait quand le moi visible perdait conscience de lui: dans le songe, dans l'évanouissement, dans l'extase.
Não sou profeta pra ver invisível

I am no prophet of the invisible

Je ne suis pas devin pour voir dans les ténèbres.

Eurípides, Hipólito (ff. 346)

É que sexo é separação, disse o verbo latino seco; mas diria também eu, agora que já estou dizendo.
Separa porque diz você é um, e é nisso mesmo que une ao outro, outro um.

Separa porque encerra em quatro muros:
ao norte, aventurança a inventar; ao sul, memória envidraçada;
a leste, o espelho evadido; a oeste, reflexo e refletido.

Separa, então, por dom do tempo,
coisa que traz a memória de outro intervalo: o vão entre poema e poema.

Separa; então do então; por promessa.

[Gina Ruggeri]

quarta-feira, 4 de julho de 2018

the face as the extreme precariousness of the other

cynthia decker

l'a dit Levinas quand il se souvenait de l'histoire d'un enfant tué au bord de la mer juste à côté de sa mère

segunda-feira, 25 de junho de 2018

Antes o sol
depois o caule,
diz o açaí do mato,
que sabe,
a raiz primeira é pra cima,
a segunda é pra baixo;
o que vem no meio
há de ser consequência.

quarta-feira, 30 de maio de 2018

Pra fora e acima da manada

She is the clouds the sun cannot penetrate,
she is the sun the clouds cannot resist,
she is the voices of the rain,
she is the silence of an unread book,
she has a tongue to flay anyone who
bandies words with her. Those who
feel the lash of that tongue take
a long time to heal. A few have
never found the cure.