quinta-feira, 10 de novembro de 2016

“It is actually hard to be lonely very long in a world of words. Even if you don't have friends somewhere, you still have language, and it will find you and wrap its little syllables around you and suddenly there will be a story to live in.” 

― Naomi Shihab NyeI'll Ask You Three Times, Are You OK?: Tales of Driving and Being Driven

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Anônimo disse...

Get up and we get down
We're always running round this town
And to think they said
We'd never make anything better than this
'Cause we're always in small circles
And everyone thinks we're trouble...


Triste, mas dá sempre pra dançar.

Na casca de limão disse...

words are solace

Anônimo disse...

Hugs are more efficient.

fernanda disse...

ia dizer que te amo, mas seriam sempre só palavras e você ia achar que era pra tapar solidão

mas não é.

assinado: nônima.

Na casca de limão disse...